Visualize Your Future Career in Extended Reality

career orientation reimagined

Machine Learning Meets XR

Imagine navigating between virtual worlds as easily as you browse the internet. What if creating your avatar and customizing your 3D clothing were as intuitive as buying clothes online? We build a platform that combines the best of machine learning and social virtual reality to empower you to do just that. 

The platform is built on a web virtual reality and augmented reality (webXR) framework which makes it accessible from any browser on any device (virtual reality headsets, tablets, smartphones, PCs). The user simply needs to input the URL of the school lobby in their browser on the device that is available to them, and is seamlessly connected to the 3D school. 

There is no need for any bespoke expensive hardware to learn and teach remotely, which makes this 3D office’s technological framework instantaneously scalable and truly inclusive. 



Automated Avatar Generation

Collaborate with neural networks to create and customize our VR-ready avatar in a few clicks.

Shared Immersive Worlds

Share your 3D world by sending your peers a URL and create unforgettable memories.

Web-Based 3D World Editor

Build your personalized VR-ready world through our drag-and-drop user-friendly interface.

Voice-Enabled Teleportation

Navigate the platform with voice commands. Name a world and we'll take you there.

3D Office Features

Upload your picture and we create your full-body photo-realistic avatar. Access our ready-to-work worlds and templates, or create your own learning experience yourself by dragging-and-dropping 3D building blocks. Share the URL to your world and invite your peers. It’s web-based, no need to install an app. No headset, no problem: the 3D Office platform is accessible across devices.     

Meet. Travel. Learn. Get Work Done. Repeat

Making Remote Work An Empowering and Personalized Experience For All

Your 3D Work Experience

Ready, Set, Build.

1. Create Avatar

With Machine Learning

Neural Network-Powered 3D Avatar Generator + VR-Ready Avatar Customizer

2. Build World

With Web-Based 3D Editor

Web-Based VR World Editor with Pro 3D Templates and/or 3D Building Blocks

3. Share It All

With Social Virtual Reality

Easy-to-Share Web-Based Immersive Worlds, Accessible on All Devices

Teleport to Work

Time for your daily stand-up: we just set up an interactive classroom in the middle of the Oval Office, come join us. To make your one-on-one more engaging, come join us on the Golden Gate Bridge overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 

Time for a break? Time-travel in a few clicks: we are waiting for you on the Ziggurat of Ur in the 2nd millenium BC.  

For career orientation, teleport to the future and visualize yourself as a pro with our career simulator. 


They Work With Us

Because the Future of Work is Experiential and Immersive 

Navigating the Future of Work 


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