The Mission

About Us

We are a female-led interdisciplinary team on a mission to empower one billion people to reinvent their professional future. Based in Miami, and Paris, France, our interdisciplinary team is building an awe-inspiring immersive platform for lifelong learners to problem solve, learn and thrive, freed from the limits of the physical world.

Our Mission

Addressing a Billion-People Problem: Navigating the Future of Work

According to the World Economic Forum, 1.1 billion people are expected to have their jobs radically transformed by technology in the next decade. How do we make sense of the future of work given the impact of exponential tech and more specifically the latest advances of generative AI? 

We are set out to build an awe-inspiring future-forward platform where life-long learners can test-drive different potential futures, virtually embody the skilled pros they wish to become in the real world.   

What set us apart is that we combine scientific and technological excellence with street credibility. We received an innovation award from the US National Academy of Sciences, and we also go out on the field, sometimes in rough areas and challenging situations, to do the work. For real. 

Exponential Tech for Real-World Impact

Our interdisciplinary team of designers, developers and social Scientists is here to talk.

Our Vision

We are now in an unprecedented position to harness immersive technology to unlock our human potential independently of the constraints of the physical world: space, time, gravity, and scarcity. And education is the field where we seek to enrich people’s lives at all stages of their lifetime. This technology empowers us to learn and teleport anywhere, anytime thereby giving us unprecedented access to exponential mobility and opportunity. 



Empowering & Personalized

Our platform offers users the freedom to create their own avatars, 3D environments and experiences in minutes.

Frugal & Accessible

Our growth model makes our platform easily accessible, and our cloud-based framework is hardware-agnostic.

Exponential tech For Real-World Impact

Reimagining the way we navigate, learn and build futures together

We work around the world to make our platform accessible to learning communities of all ages so they can build inspiring worlds together, co-design transformative experiences and elevate their experience in the real world. 

Our Origin Story

EQLAB was founded by Dr. Alexandra Ivanovitch, alumna of the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm) in Paris, former research fellow in Digital Humanities at the Paris-Sorbonne University, where she used to teach at all undergraduate levels. 

Dr. Ivanovitch’s work in conscious VR has been covered by Forbes, WIRED, CNN, the Nikkei, and has received global media coverage in 32 countries on 5 continents. She was invited as a speaker at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai to share her insights about the impact and challenges of technology for the next 50 years to come. 

Her first ventures in the field of human-centered VR were sponsored by the creators of Star Trek to help materialize a hopeful and inspiring future of peaceful exploration.


Preparing the Next Billion for the Future of Work


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