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A 3D School for All

Meet. Travel. Learn. Bond. Repeat.

School starts at 8am with a meet up on board the International Space Station with some earth-gazing. Time for History class, let’s teleport to the Pantheon. Not the ruins, the actual 5th century BC version.

Math class makes more sense when you can climb on fractal pyramids and be one with the content. Biology becomes a lived experience when you learn about photosynthesis from the point of view of flowers in a 3D garden. 

Towards the end of the school day, time to teleport to the future and experience the Career Simulator to navigate different careers and virtually embody successful professionals.  




A VR Career Simulator

Your Unique Advantages

Our 3D School Platform features a number of unique advantages for students, instructors and administrators. 

Science-backed, AI-powered, Awe-Inspiring

The Metaverse is Your Classroom now

VR Career Orientation

On our 3D School platform, learners can previsualize a variety of professional futures that could be theirs. They are empowered to walk a mile in the shoes of successful professionals in different careers via 360° video and teleport to different workplaces in 3D.  Our Career Simulator is currently implemented with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the French Government. 

Remember Your Future

Test-drive different professional futures in VR and see for yourself what feels more real and aligned with your goals and personality type.

Embody Success in VR

Step in the shoes of talented professionals and experience what it feels like to be a pro on the job through 360° video and 3D CGI.

VR Peace Education

Discover our science-backed immersive experiences designed to foster greater understanding between community groups. Peer-reviewed studies from the University of Berkley have shown that sharing awe-inducing experiences can help bridge the empathy gap between outgroups (Keltner, 2019). Imagine a 3D school providing access to these transformative experiences at scale in the metaverse.  This is what we developed with the United States Institute of Peace.  

Mind-Expanding Experiences

Different faith groups virtually travel together to sacred sites that are meaningful to them, and uncover everything they have in common.

Universally Accessible

Our 3D School platform is independent of any closed hardware ecosystem and accessible across devices: VR headset, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.

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