Frequently Asked Questions

Our Career Sim Platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to adopt for multiple generations (learners, instructors, administrators, parents). 

No. Our cloud-based 3D Office platform is device-agnostic and accessible across devices (VR headset, both standalone headsets as well as smartphone-powered headsets, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) 

No. Our 3D Office platform is directly available from any web browser, which makes it easy to access. Enter the URL of the lobby and the password, and you are in. 

All of the 3D workspaces on the platform are password protected and subject to moderator approval. Users need to input a specific password and have to go through a 3D waiting room. 

When you log in, you will be invited to automatically generate your avatar with our machine learning-app. You can either activate your webcam or upload your favorite portrait, and the neural networks will work for you. 

Our web-based world editor allows you to choose from a variety of 3D templates or to build your own learning world from scratch by dragging and dropping building blocks.

Our 3D designers have prepared over 50 themed worlds for you to use as such, or customize, if so you prefer. You can easily change colors, textures with our WYSIWYG viewport.  

Upon subscribing to the 3D Office platform, users automatically get access to our library of tutorials where we walk you through every aspect of the platform. Enterprise subscribers have access to our 24/7 VR hotline.  

At all times, when working in 3D, you can share your screen or any 2D document while inside the VR environment. Enterprise subscribers get access to customized integration with popular remote collaboration tools. 

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