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Experience in 360° and 3D the jobs of today and tomorrow on the device of your choice.

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Teleport to workplaces in VR and hold future jobs in the palm of your hand in AR.

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Introducing the Career Sim

How are people supposed to prepare for the future of work when the vast majority of jobs that will exist in the next ten years are yet to be created?

Imagine a career simulator that enables people to teleport to the future and experience and train on a wide variety of potential future jobs. So they can build the skills they need to be ready for whatever the future of work has in store. 

With an Award-Winning Team

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Future-Proof Your Skills

We are building a device-agnostic career simulator that allows learners and job seekers to intuitively prepare for the future of work through extended reality (virtual and augmented reality). 

Through gamified experiences, users can not only identify and enhance their future-proof, transferable 21st-century skills but also explore groundbreaking future trends that tackle humanity’s main challenges and will play a pivotal role in shaping prospective job opportunities. 

Job Shadowing on Demand

Get started in a few clicks with our career simulator and explore present and future jobs in 360° and 3D on the device of your choice : PC, tablet, smartphone and VR headset. No need for bespoke expensive hardware: our platform is device agnostic.


1. Visit Workplaces

Teleport to different real-world work environments and discover the job through a gamified exploration journey of the place where you might be working in the future.

2. Embody Pros

Walk a mile in the shoes of skilled and inspiring professionals on the job in 360° and live a day in the life on the job from the comfort of your home.

3. Navigate Career Pathways

Step inside different careers portals and pre-visualize the different career pathways you can create for yourself in the medium and long term.

From An Award-Winning Interdisciplinary Team

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