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Design your own VR workspaces in a few clicks.


Accessible on a VR headset, a PC, a tablet and a smartphone.

What We Do

The Future of Work is Experiential, Personalized + Immersive

Imagine a dematerialized and immersive office where team members can earth-gaze from the International Space Station first thing on Monday, immerse themselves in 3D vision boards and take their breaks in Ancient Egypt. Remote work becomes a personalized, embodied and immersive adventure — available on any device and shareable via a simple URL.  

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The Work Experience

Let’s re-engage remote and hybrid workers by empowering them to design their own 3D workspaces. 

Your Personalized 3D Office Awaits

Get started in a few clicks with our machine learning-powered avatar generator and user-friendly web-based 3D world editor. Drag-and-drop your assets and share your immersive world via a simple URL.


1. Generate Your 3D Avatar

Upload your favorite portrait and create your photorealistic and personalized avatar in a few clicks with our machine learning algorithm.

2. Build Your 3D Workspace

Personalize your 3D working environment, either by customizing one of our templates or by building one from scratch through a drag-and-drop interface.

3. Work in the Metaverse

Meet up your teammates in Mars, Ancient Mesopotamia and beyond. Users can easily share their screen, and drag-and-drop assets in 3D.

The Metaverse-as-a-service to Reinvent the Work Experience

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Our Best Pricing

Your 3D Office-as-a-Service


$9.99 per User, Billed Monthly

To get started in the world of experiential work in VR


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To build your fully customized 3D office


$29.99 per User, Billed Monthly

To personalize your immersive workspaces

Recruit Talent in the Metaverse

Harness our Virtual Reality Career Simulator to Attract Talent

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Because the Future of Work is Experiential and Immersive

Experiential, Awe-Inspiring, Future-Proof, Universally Accessible

Welcome to Your Future 3D Office

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Building the Future of Work in the Metaverse 


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