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Experience in 360° and 3D the jobs of today and tomorrow on the device of your choice.

In Extended Reality (VR+AR)

Teleport to workplaces in VR and hold future jobs in the palm of your hand in AR.

What We Do

Enter the Career Simulator.

Imagine a dematerialized and immersive student career counseling office where learners can virtually embody inspiring professionals, instantaneously visit workplaces and intuitively visualize potential career pathways. Navigating the future of work becomes a personalized, embodied and immersive adventure — available on any device and shareable via a simple URL.  

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Gamifying Career Orientation

We are building a career simulator which enables learners and job seekers to build their own professional futures by sifting through a variety of potential professional futures. The Simulator showcases both the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow: users can teleport to real-world work locations as well as visualize future jobs thanks to 3D computer-generated imagery. 

Job Shadowing on Demand

Get started in a few clicks with our user-friendly career simulator and explore present and future jobs in 360° and 3D on the device of your choice : PC, tablet, smartphone and VR headset.


1. Visit Workplaces

Teleport to different real-world work environments and discover the job through a gamified exploration journey of the place where you might be working in the future.

2. Embody Pros

Walk a mile in the shoes of skilled and inspiring professionals on the job in 360° and live a day in the life on the job from the comfort of your home.

3. Explore Career Evolutions

Step inside different careers portals and pre-visualize the different career pathways you can create for yourself in the medium and long term.

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Introducing the Career Simulator

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